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Our spine carries most of the weight of the body. Therefore, we developed our RELAX® bed systems to ensure that the spine can perfectly relax during sleep. The right areas of the spine are supported, which makes it possible to sleep comfortably and healthy. Your spine will thank you!

Each vertebra can be assigned to certain diseases


1 scalp, bones of the face, blood supply to the head, brain, ears, sympathetic nerve
2 eyes, ears, sinuses, tongue, forehead, allergies
3 cheeks, outer ear, face bones, teeth, facial nerves, neuralgia, acne, eczemas
4 nose, lips, mouth, Eustachian tube
5 vocal cords, neck, glands, pharynx
6 neck muscles, shoulders, tonsils, pertussis, upper arm
7 thyroid gland, shoulder bursa, elbows, strum

1 forearms, hands, esophagus, trachea, asthma, cough
2 heart, coronary arteries, chest conditions
3 chest, lungs, pleura, bronchial tubes, bronchitis, influenza
4 gallbladder, herpes, zoster
5 liver, solar plexus, circulation, fever, poor circulation
6 stomach, alimentary canal, ructus, heartburn
7 pancreas, duodenum, diabetes, gastritis
8 spleen, diaphragm, stomach
9 adrenal glands, allergies
10 kidneys, kidney problems, nephritis, fatigue
11 kidneys, ureters, skin conditions, acne, eczemas
12 small intestines, lymph circulation, uterine tubes, rheumatism, gas pains

1 large intestines, inguinal rings, inguinal hernia
2 appendix, abdomen, thigh, cramps, varicose veins
3 sex organs, uterus, bladder, knees
4 prostate gland, lower back, sciatic nerve, back pain
5 lower back, buttocks, thighs, legs, feet, hip bones,
haemorrhoids, sacroiliac conditions, anus