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Vor mehreren Jahren haben wir die Firma Relax kennengelernt und verkaufen die Produkte mit großem Erfolg.

"We got to know the company RELAX® several years ago and since then we successfully sell their products. Especially the natural bed system Relax 2000 distinguishes itself because of its high degree of reclining comfort, its excellent quality and its uniqueness. Our customers enjoy an exceptional sleeping comfort. Steadily increasing revenues speak volumes and, additionally, the firm RELAX® has won an award for being the most dynamic company in Austria. RELAX® create close and personal relationships with their business partners through commitment, training programs and extraordinary customer meetings. We appreciate all of this, as well as their reliability.

We are looking forward to further collaboration

Hugo and Gisela Riedinger & Team
Schreinerei für Möbel- und Innenausbau
Fachgeschäft für gesundes Sitzen und Schlafen
78247 Hilzingen-Weiterdingen

Mit den Produkten der Firma Sigl, kann ich mich absolut von der Masse der im Handel angebotenen Schaummatratzen abheben.

"With the products of the firm Sigl, it is possible to set oneself apart from the average who offers ordinary foam mattresses. The centerpiece of their products is the bed system Relax 2000 which differs not only visually from similar products offered on the market. Topics like nature and renewable resources will play an increasingly important role in the future for final customers.
There is an offer of seminars and training programs throughout the year with various topics such as sale at tradeshows, product training, building biology, sales training, marketing, ergonomics, negative effects on sleep, etc. These seminars and the offered products are highly competitive. Furthermore, the firm Sigl has its own studio that has a distinctive and natural flair. Other highlights are the informational brochures, a low rate of complaints, and a quick delivery. 2009, our revenue increased 71% and 2010, we had an increase of 39%. These numbers show the exceptional quality of the RELAX® products."

Dernbach Schlafberatung
Natürlich Schlafen

36088 Hünfeld"

RELAX chronicle

Relax Firmenchronik

In the RELAX chronicle you will find a lot interessting information about the company's history. 

open the chronicle (german) 

RELAX Natürlich Wohnen GmbH

Thurerweg 3
5162 Obertrum am See

T +43 6219 6367