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Relax 2000 sleeping system

The Relax 2000 sleep system helps you to sleep better and thus supports your health and well-being. Our Relax 2000 in arolla pine or beech and the right mattress in your bed room gives you a feeling of floating on a cloud. This characteristic system or slatted frame for a bed base – the most important part of your bed in addition to the mattress – adapts perfectly to the body and relieves the spine whilst you are asleep.

 Relax 2000 rigidRelax 2000 rigid Relax 2000 with head adjustmentRelax 2000 with head adjustmentRelax 2000 with head/foot adjustmentRelax 2000 with head/foot adjustmentRelax 2000 motor-drivenRelax 2000 motor-driven

Better sleep means a sustainable and healthy life style

Our bed system Relax 2000 in arolla pine or beech is especially suitable for a healthy and a sustainable lifestyle because we only use natural materials for our production and we manufacture eco-friendly. Since arolla pine can have a positive impact on the body, the combination of a bed system in arolla pine and the right mattress will meet all your needs for healthy sleep.

Special Innerspring System – basis for healthy sleep

The special spring system of our Relax 2000 – either arolla pine or beech – provides a flexible depth of pressure points up to 70 millimeters and thus a perfect adaptation and reduction of pressure to the spine during sleep. Thanks to its special innerspring system, the Relax 2000 can be adjusted to fit each individual requirement. The individual fitting in the shoulder and pelvis areas is simple to set up. This special spring system has three-dimensional, mounted solid wooden discs and is fitted with suspension rods to ensure the required hardness.

Ideal fitting for all body shapes and possibilities for individual adjustment

The individual spring elements of the Relax 2000 bed system align to all body shapes, be it for more portly bodies or for lightweights. Massive bodies will simply rest on more plates and will, therefore, experience similar comfort as lightweights. 

In the pelvis area there are three Latex strips, which serve to suppress sounds when weight is on the bed and also to increase comfort for heavier people. 

The spring elements over the nine diagonal areas are fitted with two rubber straps, with which the different grades of firmness can be adjusted. Here the standard adjustment. 

The rubber straps are equipped with two knobs, which allow up to five adjustments from soft to hard. 

Tip: Maintain the basic settings of the rubber straps during the first 4 to 6 weeks, unless your expert recommends something else. 

Relax 2000 with comfort shoulder zone

The newly developed comfort shoulder zone provides an optimal shoulder area with a 50 mm depth of pressure points, resulting in additional comfort when sleeping, so that pressure on the spine is reduced. 

The Relax 2000 with comfort shoulder zone is the perfect solution if you have tensions in the shoulder area or if you prefer sleeping on your side.

Needless to say, you can also acquire the Relax 2000 bed system with comfort shoulder zone in arolla pine.

Relax 2000 mit KomfortschulterzoneRelax 2000 mit KomfortschulterzoneRelax 2000 mit Komfortschulterzone


Do you have shoulder tensions?

  • the ideal solution for people who prefer sleeping on their side
  • more comfort
  • without metal
  • additional 50 mm depth of pressure points