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Adjustment to a new sleeping surface 

It is quite normal that your body needs some time to adjust to a new bed system. Initially, your body might react even negatively, if you are sensitive. This is no reason for reclamation, since an adjustment period might show that you previously didn't lie comfortably or that your previous sleeping surface wasn't adjusted well enough. Usually, your body adjusts to the new RELAX® bed system within 2 or 3 days. However, the adjustment period can last up to 4 weeks, if you were used to lie on the same sleeping surface for 10 to 15 years, or if it didn't fit.


If your bed system is not adjusted properly to your mattress, this frequently results in damages. 


It is important that mattresses fit into the bed frame. If you have a high-quality bed system/mattress, a plus/minus tolerance of 30 mm in length and width is allowed (according to ÖNORM EM 1334). Transport and storage can influence dimensions. Therefore, shake your mattress vigorously until it returns to its original shape, if there is a variation in dimension. Especially latex mattresses can easily be deformed. However, this doesn't have an effect on quality.

Hardness loss and deformations 

Mattresses should perfectly adapt to the body. Therefore, some parts of the body, for example the hip region, might deform a mattress, which is a common occurrence. However, this doesn't have an effect on comfort and isn't a reason for reclamation. If there is a hollow of more than 20 mm, please contact your specialist dealer. 

Tip: Measuring the hollow - Lie your mattress on the floor, take a long broomstick or a level and lie it diagonally on the mattress. Now measure the distance to the ground of the hollow. A picture of the deformation will help your dealer to respond more quickly to your reclamation. 

Chemical smell 

Due to hygienic reasons, mattresses are packed up airtight in polythene. After removing the packaging material, the mattress might smell chemically like other newly bought products. However, this smell isn't harmful. Our mattresses correspond to the highest level of requirements according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Such tests are repeated by reputable institutions year for year.

Tip: Air out your mattress sufficiently in order to get rid of the smell after a few days. 

Airing, turning & hygiene 

Airing your mattress regularly improves hygiene and prevents mould formation. The formation of mould stains can be sufficiently prevented by airing and maintaining a room temperature between 4° - 20°C. Mould formation isn't a reason for reclamation, since it is only caused by improper use and care.

Be careful with mattress handles, since they can be easily ripped out. Don't use these handles to move and transport the mattress but rather for turning it regularly. Furthermore, please pay attention to instructions on care labels, if you want to wash and clean a mattress cover. It is absolutely necessary to follow washing instructions; otherwise the cover might get damaged.