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„The more people try to eliminate sources of disturbances in their houses and flats, the less disturbing factors will be in their and other people's environment.“

Der gute und der schlechte Schlafplatz

Subjects like „terrestrial radiation" and „right or wrong places" are discussed for many years now. Since then, human beings believe that these earth rays coming from the ground are causes of various diseases.

At these so-called „wrong places" the body reacts to environmental conditions and to the surrounding atmosphere, which destroys the energy field of the body and, thus, causes diseases.

Such a condition is not only noticed by dowsers. One example for radiation which comes from the ground is the radioactive gas radon. Furthermore, there are electric fields and technical devices emitting rays, which is then called electromagnetic radiation.

A wrong place doesn't necessarily have to be linked with electromagnetic radiation. A wrong place won't become a good place automatically, if sources of radiation are turned off. However, one thing we know for sure: „Wrong places can cause diseases."

What are earth rays?

Rays, which come for example from water veins or frictions of subterranean currents and rock, are called earth rays. Earth rays are naturally occurring rays which influence our lives on earth. Under certain conditions, these rays can harm our health and well-being; for example if your bed is located over a water vein.

Why do we feel disturbances especially in our bedroom?

Up to 70 % of our body is water, which is a good information carrier. Additionally, we usually don't change our sleeping position throughout the night.

During sleep, our body is passive and prepared to rest. If our body is disturbed, the regeneration process is slower and less effective. Therefore, it is important that the bedroom is free from any disturbances.

How earth rays in your bedroom can be noticed

Babies and toddlers respond sensitively to earth rays - which means that they instinctively try to escape them. Hence, they toss and turn, are restless, try to get out of their beds, or sleep curled up.

Also sensitive adults often notice earth radiation, who then sleep at the edge of their bed, feel cold or sweat, have problems to fall asleep, have nightmares, grinding their teeth, or feel still tired or weak after sleeping.