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During the night your body regenerates and recharges energy - the right bed supports this process and you will feel fitter and more relaxed. We strongly recommend you a natural and solid wood bed because some wood is believed to have healing powers. Sleep better with the RELAX® solid wood beds, since they have a positive effect on your sleep.

Our solid wood beds - exclusively made of natural materials

RELAX® takes care to use only environmentally friendly and natural materials for the bed production. The RELAX® solid wood beds are exclusively made of European wood such as arola pine or oak. Wooden beds are timeless, persisting, and fit in every bedroom. You are not a fan of wooden beds? An alternative would be our high-class upholstered bed.

The beneficial effects of arolla pine beds

Arolla pine is known to be the most effective type of wood, which actually can slow your heart rate. Therefore, our solid wood beds are also available in stone pine. An arolla pina bed helps you to sleep better and more deeply and supports, therefore, physical regeneration. As all of our wooden beds, the arolla pine bed is produced naturally and sustainably.

Beds free from metal

Since we pay attention to our customers‘ health and wellbeing, we produce our beds naturally and free from metal. The RELAX® solid wood beds are made of 100% pure wood. During the day, it is difficult to avoid negative environmental influences like electromagnetic fields. That‘s why it is important to keep disturbances out of your bedroom during the night. The RELAX® solid wood beds are constructed with wooden joints instead of screws, which positively influence the physical regeneration and your sleep.

Our Solid Wood Beds