Mattress covers for your RELAX mattress

Choose a high-quality mattress cover for your new mattress. All covers are removable, with a four-sided zip and four loops for turning.


Sinfonie ist ein neuartiger Matratzenstoff nur mit Schafschurwolle und Tencel. Die Oberseite ist ein Gemisch aus Schafschurwolle und Tencel. Der Schafschurwollbezug ist im Winter wohlig warm und im Sommer angenehm kühl.

The outer fabric consists of 30 % pure new wool and 70 % lyocell (Tencel®), which is a unique combination. The cover is quilted with 400 g/m2 Tencel in a wave pattern. This cover creates a dry climate during sleep, since it perfectly absorbs humidity and odours. The Sinfonie cover is pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer. Additionally, it has a high point elasticity. The pure new wool cover is exclusively produced in Europe and suitable for allergy sufferers. Washable up to 60°C. 

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Silverness ist ein neuartiger Matratzenstoff mit antibakterieller Silberausrüstung, der den gesamten Schlafkomfort während der Nacht erhöht.

This is a novel mattress material with an antibacterial silver part that increases overall sleeping comfort at night. The antibacterial properties of Silverness remain effective even after many washes at 60°C. Silver keeps away bacteria and other microorganisms, which stops mites from multiplying, since they feed on them. Therefore, it is resistant to house dust mites. The fibre is ecological and fulfils all requirements according to Oeko-Tex 100. Silverness is quilted with 320g/m² lyocell (Tencel®) in a wave pattern and thus very point-elastic. Tencel is a fibre that is produced from beech wood in Austria. Washable up to 60°C.


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Gesunder Schlaf mit natürlichen Materialien steht bei dem Melodieüberzug im Vordergrund. Schadstoffgeprüfte Naturfasern. Ein verantwortungsvoller Umgang mit Ökologie und Umwelt.

A healthy sleep with natural materials is the most important feature of the Melodie mattress cover. Tested natural fibres. A responsible treatment of ecology and environment. The cover has a highly elastic double-layer of cotton and is quilted in a wave pattern with 300 g/m² cotton from certified organic cultivation. This fabrication method ensures that the cover remains elastic, has good hygienic properties, a high tear strength and scrub resistance. Washable up to 30°C.


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Der Schafschurwollbezug ist im Winter angenehm warm und im Sommer kühl.

For those who like pure sheep wool. The highly elastic cotton fabric (FAIRTRADE) is quilted with 500 g/m² pure new wool in a wave pattern. The pure sheep wool cover is pleasantly warm in winter and cool in summer. It absorbs moisture extremely well and releases it into the environment. Place the cover in the sun for airing it. Not washable.


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