The best mattress for sleeping healthy

Not only the bed system is important for having a good night's sleep but also the right mattress. You have to consider the mattress height, the core type, and the level of firmness, if you want to protect and support your spine optimally. Have a look at our high-quality Nawapur mattress or at our natural latex mattresses - RELAX offers you proper products to fully satisfy your need for comfortable sleep.

Conventional mattress – bad fittingCombination of RELAX mattress and RELAX support system giving perfect body support for healthy sleep

A variety of mattresses

If you want to buy a new mattress, there are a few things to consider. Every human being has individual needs which should be kept in mind when looking for the right mattress. Mattress height, core type, and the level of firmness are key factors in choosing the best mattress, since certain parts of the body should be sufficiently supported - like the lumbar region. This consequently prevents backache and you will sleep better. Additionally, mattresses should have a high point elasticity and the perfect level of firmness. These are for example characteristics of natural latex.

Our latex mattresses - 100% natural latex

Natural rubber - or caoutchouc - is a sticky and milky liquid, which comes from tropical rubber trees. A characteristic feature of natural latex is its high point elasticity. Which means that all natural latex mattresses from RELAX adapt perfectly to the body's natural movement during sleep, which makes you sleep noticeably better. Natural latex mattresses optimally support the spine and have a positive effect on problems like tensions or backache. Hence, our latex mattresses, which consist of 100% natural latex, can help prevent and resolve sleep problems.

Our mattresses' ability to adapt

To sleep as comfortably as possible, we recommend that you combine our RELAX bed system with the right mattress. Our natural latex mattresses are distinguished by their high point elasticity and are, therefore, particularly recommendable. These mattresses adapt perfectly to your body and will satisfy all your needs for healthy sleep.

AIR mattress

Continuous air channels ensure a permanent air circulation, guaranteeing optimal ventilation, which is important since the human body sweats up to one liter per night.


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