Sleep better with duvets made of arolla pine, silk, lyocell, new wool

Our duvets create a pleasantly dry climate in bed. Somnologists prefer duvets filled with new wool, wild silk, lyocell, etc. over blankets filled with down and feathers, since they have the ability to thermoregulate during sleep. Sleep better with duvets from Relax!

Arolla pine duvet (year-round blanket)

The outer fabric is 100% cotton, the filling consists of arolla pine flakes (ca. 50 g/m²) and pure new wool (360 g/m²). Provides optimal warmth and improves sleeping hygiene. The wood flakes smell pleasant and help to relax more quickly.

Fabric care

Wild silk duvet (summer blanket)

Upper material with cotton fabric, the filling is 100 % pure tussah silk (215 g/m²). It absorbs up to 40 % of its own weight in moisture. It is ideal as a summer blanket as it is very light, smooth, fine and breathable.

Fabric care

Combination duvet (winter/summer reversible blanket)

Two blankets that are joined by straps. One pure wool blanket - upper material with cotton fabric, fillin is 100% pure 430 g/m² sheep wool. One tussah silk blanket - Upper material with cotton fabric and filling 100 % pure, degummed, cooked tussah silk with a filling weight of 215 g/m². The blankets are very light, smooth, flexible and breathable.

Fabric care

Pure new wool duvet (winter blanket)

This blanket consists of two fleece blankets. The upper material is made of natural cotton fabric. The fleece blankets are quilted with 250 g/m² naturally pure sheep wool each and finished with an edge seam.

Fabric care

Tencel duvet (year-round-blanket)

The outer fabric or inlet is 100% cotton – satin impregnated with aloe vera (FAIRTRADE). The filling is 100% Lyocell (Tencel®) (430g/m2). The duvets are permeable, warm in winter and pleasantly cool in summer. Particularly suitable for allergy sufferers.

Fabric care

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