Outsourcing to integrative companies

The assembly of our bed system Relax 2000 takes place in workshops of Pro mente in Salzburg, of Pidinger Werkstätte and of Chiemgau Lebenshilfe in Traunreut. The team consists of 25 employees which work the whole year to finish the sleeping systems.

RELAX Natürlich Wohnen has high standards of quality and precision and the whole manufacturing process must meet accurately defined quality criteria. To ensure these quality specifications, the supervisors in these integrative companies are properly trained at our headquaters in Obertrum.

The special spring system is fitted on the wooden plates for the bed system Relax 2000 at Pro mente Salzburg and at Pidinger Werkstätte.

They produce wood frames for the RELAX bed systems since 5 years in the workshops of Chiemgau Lebenshilfe in Traunreut - from individual parts to the finished system.

The long-term cooperations, for example with Pro mente Salzburg since 15 years, is the best evidence for the good work done in these workshops. "Not just price, peformance and delivery time are more than satisfactory, you see that the employees enjoy working with our products ", says the company owner Herbert Sigl highly satisfied. Another important factor are costs, because RELAX would have to relocate the production to eastern states, if there were no integrative companies.

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